Konop for Lucas County

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


My statement on the visit of Karl Rove to Lucas County today for a $5,000 per person fundraiser to raise money for, amongst others, my Republican opponent George Sarantou:

While Karl Rove hides behind the fences of Inverness and fails to answer the tough questions, my Republican opponent George Sarantou also remains unaccountable to the voters. After receiving $750 in campaign contributions from Tom Noe, which currently sit in his campaign account, my opponent refuses to refund the money back to the taxpayers of Ohio. Instead of being accountable to the citizens of Lucas County, Sarantou, like Rove, chooses to turn his back on the people and keep Tom Noe's money in his campaign account.

That's why, in an effort to empower the citizens of Lucas County to hold their elected officials accountable, our campaign has recently launched www.giveitbackgeorge.com, an online petition urging my Republican opponent to refund the Noe contributions.

George Bush has been one of the many Republican leaders to refund his Noe contributions. Perhaps Rove could talk George Sarantou into following the lead of his boss? If it's good enough for George Bush why not George Sarantou?

Finally, we see here today the long reach of Karl Rove once again meddling in Ohio politics. How far will this reach go? Is Karl Rove trying to inject himself into Lucas County politics? Will my opponent behave like a Karl Rove Republican? One has to wonder after the string of events here in Lucas County today.


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