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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ethics Part II

Here is a copy of the ethics pledge that I signed yesterday and that my opponent refused to sign:

Pledge Of Ethics And Good Government To The Citizens of Lucas County
I pledge to support the establishment of a County Ethics Commission to supplement the state-level Ohio Ethics Commission, following the example of other local governments around the country.I pledge to hold myself to the highest standard of personal conduct and be accountable to the citizens of Lucas County.
I will take personal responsibility for my actions.
I will be open and accessible to members of the public in every community.
I will promptly respond to all inquiries by concerned citizens.
I will serve the full duration of the term for the office of which I am elected to.
I will be a full-time public servant and will accept no outside income while in office.
I support requiring campaign contributors to report county contracts with their campaign contributions.
I support banning campaign contributors from receiving no bid contracts.
I will promptly disclose any legally questionable activities of which I am aware to the Ohio Ethics Commission or other appropriate authorities.
I pledge to hold Lucas County employees and appointees to the highest standard of personal conduct and make them accountable to the citizens of Lucas County.
I will recommend and support appointments to boards and commissions based on knowledge, experience and integrity.
I will not appoint lobbyists to boards and commissions.
I will hire staff based on knowledge, experience, and integrity and not campaign contributions.
I will support requiring boards and commissions to hold regular meetings during evening hours and in different areas of the county, so that working people can attend.
I support requiring ethics training for all Lucas County employees and appointees to boards and commissions.
I pledge to follow the law of the State of Ohio and of the United States of America.

The question I have for my opponent is, what in the pledge does he find so objectionable that we won't join me in coming out strongly in support of good government?

Does Mr. Sarantou intend to be a full-time commissioner or will he treat it as a part-time job? Will he pledge to serve the full duration of his term or is he, as Pam Haynam asserts, seeking to use the Commissioner's office as a springboard to run for Mayor? Has he learned from past mistakes? If he's given another envelope of cash or learns that a colleague is demanding a bribe for a vote, will he report it to the authorities or again choose to look the other way (which, by the way, could potentially cost the taxpayers of Toledo millions of dollars)?
Voters deserve answers. It's past time for Mr. Sarantou to provide them.

Finally, my opponent stated yesterday that he "will sign the code of ethics that the State of Ohio Ethics Commission has which is the recognized law of Ohio." He suggested that "Mr. Konop do the same." Unfortunately, there is no code of ethics promulgated by the Commission for candidates or elected officials to sign. That is why I proposed my code. It's time for a higher standard of accountability. It's time to end the culture of corruption afflicting our community and our state. It's time for a change.


  • At 4:59 PM, Blogger heath_zib said…

    I find it laughable that Sarantou won't sign this pledge. It speaks volumes about his intentions regarding the commissioner's seat and his ethics.

  • At 8:04 AM, Blogger KonopFruit said…

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