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Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Weekend of Door to Door...

I'm convinced the best way to campaign, from both the candidate and the voter's perspective, is by going door to door. After personally knocking on a couple hundred doors this weekend, I can tell you that, as a candidate, the process enables you to learn a lot about the community you seek to represent. I had some great talks this weekend with a variety of folks, was offered food at more than a few houses, and only had to deal with one vicious dog. But along the way I think I made some new friends and got a sense from the voters that they are ready for some new blood and fresh ideas in local government. If you are interested in knocking on a few doors with me in the next several weeks, drop me an email at ben@benkonop.com. Together we can help breathe some new life and ethical representation into local government.


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