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Friday, March 03, 2006

Bowling Tour Rolls On--Day 3

Another good day at the lanes. It appears my scores have stabilized (sadly) in the 130 range. Today I chalked up a 125, 135 and 127. But as usual, I had the best experiences talking to folks throughout Lucas County. I met a bunch of good people at Secor Lanes this afternoon. Not only were they very vocally supportive of the campaign and my bowling, but I appreciated their very straight to the point observations about what needs to be done in our community. I'll be back to visit my friends at Secor Lanes!

Also had a nice time tonight at Twin Oaks lanes. Another case where my Dad beat me by a couple pins...what the heck is going on here?!?! But also had a lot of good talks with a pretty diverse group. And thanks to the husband and wife ownership team for making me feel so welcome...there is a lot of generosity here in Lucas County.

On the last stop tonight, at Westland Lanes, we enjoyed the best bowling blooper of the tour courtesy of my friend and supporter Joe McNamara. I'll let him explain it to you in the comments. But in any event Joe, thanks for taking the time and effort to help plan this tour...greatly appreciated.

One more day left...hope to see you at our last two stops tomorrow:

1:00 PM, Imperial Lanes 5505 W. Central Ave.

3:00 PM, King Pin Lanes 1124 W. Sylvania Ave.


  • At 11:50 PM, Blogger SimeonTalley said…

    Ahhh...the Bowling Tour. Good luck Ben, Allen County gives you their best as I'm sure you know. I see some familiar faces in the pictures from the Bowling Tour. I really like what your doing with the "Cool County" concepts, its very innovative. Once again best of luck.


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