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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bowling Tour Recap--Day Two

Only two stops on the agenda today and while neither of them brought out the best in me as a bowler (my scores: 135, 100) I really did meet some wonderful people. At Jug's Bowling Alley, I talked at length with a retired firefighter about the local economy and the future of our community. He was worried about the prospects for his son in terms of finding a good job so he can raise a family. I think we agreed on some steps our county needs to take to move forward (ethical government for one) and he agreed to volunteer one my campaign.

Also had a fun time at Jug's with the guys at the bar. They talked a little smack about the fact that I ordered a water instead of a beer, but I think they came around after they found out I was a diehard Detroit Tiger fan. We got a great picture with this crew and, as I promised them, it will be up on my website shortly. Thanks for the support guys.

At my evening stop in Oregon at Bay Center Rec Lanes, I was once again joined by my parents and, I'm sad to report, my Dad actually beat me tonight on a clutch 10th frame strike. Nice job Dad!
Ran into some old friends there and made some new ones too, including a group of twenty somethings who were pretty excited that a young person was trying to make a difference in the community. They were all Michigan fans too, so we got along just fine.

Another day of the tour down, and two more to go. I'm really enjoying it, meeting a lot of great people, and learning a lot from the working men and women of Lucas County.

To be continued...


  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger Lisa Renee said…

    I'm sorry I've missed it so far, but I'm glad you are having fun with it. We are pretty lucky to have so many awesome people in this County.



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