Konop for Lucas County

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The week ahead in the campaign...

Should be an interesting and exciting week as always on the hustings. We have a new radio and TV ad coming out this week called "Values for Lucas County." It will be posted on benkonop.com shortly and begin airing by the middle of the week.

Also on the agenda, a trip out to Spencer Township for a visit with the Spencer Township Democratic Club. This will be the fifth Democratic Club I've visited in the last several weeks and I'm hoping to hit them all by the end of the month. Last Wednesday, I had a great time at the Black Democratic Women's Caucus. Thanks to Olivia Holden for the warm welcome. Also, thanks to Rex Palmer from the Maumee Dems for his hospitality. They have a great group out there as well.

Other than that, more of the normal campaign rhythms...knocking on doors and raising money, etc...

Stay tuned for some other interesting tid bits to come out this week.


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