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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Reaction to The Noe Indictment...

1) We should have publicly financed campaigns in this country which would greatly lessen the likelihood of this type of scandal.

2) The Republicans should pay for this at the polls in November...but this isn't just a Republican issue. The system is broken and there should be systemic reform (see point one). That being said, if the facts alleged against Noe are true, those politicians connected with him should be very closely scrutinized by voters, to say the least. The Noe indictment, on a micro level, is a big blow for the R's.

3) This case certainly has a political dimension, but at its base it seems to be all about greed. Politics was just a means to an end for Noe as far as I can tell. Public policy was the last thing on his mind.

4) Sadly, there probably will always be Noe type figures lurking around the political process. That is why it is important that elected officials focus on ethical conduct while in office. I'm trying to do my part...see the last post!

I'm intersted in hearing your thoughts on the subject.

Also, if you want to learn more about my position and prior involvmenet related to this case, check out:





  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger Lucascountydem said…

    What's your position on Bob McCloskey? He was indicted too. Will you join Councilman Szollosi in calling for his resignation? I think we can agree that he is a disgrace to the Democratic Party, an embarrasement to Toledo, and has violated many parts or your ethics pledge. Or will you be like Aunt Sandy and take a pass on Conklin and Company because he's a democrat.

    I'm a democrat and I refuse to vote for Copeland so it's between you and Tim Wagener. I'm for the person who is the least hypocritical because I'm beginning to lose faith in politics with all the hypocrisy and your aunt disgusted me on tv and I voted for her against Maggie and everytime she was on the ballot

  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger Ben said…

    First, I don't know Bob personally but do think that his heart is in the right place on a lot of issues. Unlike Thurber for example, he seems to be a champion of the working man and woman, which I respect. That being said, if I was him I would probably resign while the case is going through the court system. My worry would be what effect this is all having on the city's effectiveness to operate as a credible partner with the business community and, I guess, the community at large as well. If he were to win in court, my hunch is he would be a pretty formidable candidate for elected office in the future and should run again. And obviously if he is found guilty than there is no place for these actions in public office and he would be correct in resigning.
    Overall though, you shouldn't judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes...just my personal observation.


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